The team

Our activities are supervised and managed by the following team:

Stella Joseph – Chairperson. Stella has an MA in Management, She also has experience in Managing Budgeting and forecasting, implementing programmes and fundraising which she brings in the organisation.

Stella is also the head of employment services at Orion Pax Institute in London. Stella working experience alongside expert partners in the Local Government Department for Business Innovation & amp; Skills, Middlesex University, Colleges, and other networks with community groups and service providers

Salna R.  Abdallah –  Programmes coordinator (BSc – Health Studies and Social Policy); Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership in the Community; accredited certificate in community research and advocacy.

Dr Omar Ali Juma- Scientific Advisor Africa Programmes   (MD, MPH Health Scientist)

Dr Omar Abdallah- Scientific Advisor UK Programmes (Dip Clinical Medicine, BSc Hom Med,                      Lic- Hom Med, MPH, Dip Health and Social Care, Dip Management)

We also have a team of 4 volunteers to support the rest of the organisation activities.