Project 2018 – 2019

Heritage –  Understanding Islington Home Front effort during the WW1

Research project about WW1 and the lasting effects it has had on Islington residents. The research is part of our integration projects. We are working in partnership with the University of  Kent,     Voluntary Action Islington, Islington Achieve and Islington Library.

The project is funded by Heritage Lottery Fun  


  Projects – 2017-2018:
1. Healthy Lifestyle Project – This is dancing exercise classes for women with the aim to highlight the importance of exercise for mental and physical wellbeing.
The project is funded by Islington Council-Cripplegate Foundation, Helping since 1500
2. Dancing exercise and information session from the local fitness and health centres. The aim of the project is to highlight the importance of physical activities and to increase participation in physical activities.  
(Funders: Local giving, in partnership with Postcode Community Trust) 
3.  Referral, signpost, advocacy and the provision of information – on going project 
                                     (The project is delivered on a voluntary basis)
                                          Projects  – 2015-2016:
1. Community Research- Health Equality Research Project
Swahili women and their experience in accessing health services in the London Borough of Islington. 

This research is aiming to: 

  • find out the experience of accessing health care services for Swahili Speaking Women in the London borough of Islington.
  •  respond to the feedback and views of the Swahili-speaking women to ensure services are planned and commissioned with local people and to meet their needs.

                           (Project funded by NHS Islington) (CCG)

The role of Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is to plan and buy high-quality health care services to the local population, this is also called commissioning.  Services such as the local hospital, mental health and community services are commissioned by the CCG.

2. Cancer awareness project – ongoing project 

Although the UK is getting better treating the illness, more and more people are getting cancer due to an increase of ageing population. 90% of cancer diagnosed in the UK is from the age of over 50.
This is an outreach peer education project with the aim to raise awareness of Cancer conditions including early signs of cancer, the importance of early screening and available services for cancer.
                                         (The programme is delivered on a voluntary basis)
3. Carers’ Awareness
This is an outreach project with the aim to identify unpaid carers in the African communities and raise awareness about services for carers.The project is targeting African living in the London borough of Camden.
Stepping Stone4 is collaborating with the organisation members of (African Health Forum) a local partner organisation for the organisations’ providers of health and well-being services in the African communities.
                               (The project is funded by Camden Carers’ Services)

4. Sexual Health and HIV prevention – ongoing project

This project involves sign-posting to our partner organisation for more support, the sexual health clinics, HIV prevention and sexual health  promotion activities
                            (The programme is delivered on a voluntary basis)

5. Health equality (Access to health project) 2014-2015

There is an issue that the majority of people from BME communities tend to access health care in the late stage of their illnesses. But it is well documented that, some of those who access services in the late stage do pass through their GP prior to their diagnoses yet sometimes GPs fail to diagnose their illnesses. This leads to the conclusion that although people may access health care, this does not mean that their health care needs are appropriately met.
The project aims to create awareness that will help to enable service users to communicate effectively during consultation with a doctor or other health professionals in order to receive the services they ought to have. This project is targeting Islington residents.
The project is funded by Islington Council-Cripplegate Foundation, Helping since 1500