Our aims:
To enhance the capacity of disadvantaged individuals, families and communities to develop and support themselves.
To reduce social inequalities and distress faced by socially excluded individuals, families and communities including, Swahili Speaking Women and their families in the UK and Africa
 Our vision
Stepping Stone4 vision is to enable socially excluded communities including Swahili speaking women and their families to have access to good health, good education;  employment opportunity and integrate to the wider community.
Our Mission
Stepping Stone4  mission is to work toward social inclusion for socially excluded communities.
Our Objectives: 
  • Raising awareness about long-term illnesses and preventative measures
  •  Increasing knowledge and access to   services
  •  Improving English language skills
  • Supporting learning
 Employment Support
  • Enhancing career opportunities through volunteering  activities
  • Career and personal development Training
  • Promoting integration through knowledge and skills sharing  activities